Smart & secure medical document exchange.

Lifen has built an AI powered solution to streamline the exchange of medical documents between hospitals, private practitioners and patients.

Lifen delivers medical information everywhere in France


Lifen reaches 80 000 doctors and sends 1 000 000 medical documents every month.

How does it work ?

French healthcare professionals can send all their medical documents in just a few clicks with Lifen.


Send the document to Lifen using the "Print" feature. Lifen is compatible with 100% of healthcare software on the market.


Our algorithm identifies the recipient and the patient in the document and then searches for the recipient in our own healthcare professional directory (the most up to date in France!).


Lifen sends the document to doctors through our secure platform, secure email, fax, or even postal mail.


You can also send the document to the the patients. They receive it on a secure Lifen account, which they can easily access on their computer or mobile.

80,000 practitioners in France exchange medical data using Lifen

Dr Inès Cazaubiel
Cardiologist in Paris

"Before I got Lifen, I used to print letters, put them in envelopes, stamp them, handwrite the doctor's name on them... It took hours of medical time away. With Lifen, I send much less paper, and I save time as well as money."

Dr Pascal Charles
Pneumologist in Strasbourg

"I appreciate how easy it is to use Lifen. The time me and my secretary are saving allows us to better care for patients and welcome more patients every day."

Dr Didier Bourgeois
Surgeon in Paris

"Ever since we started using Lifen, we've had much less wasted time on paperwork at the practice. Files are named by patient, which is very convenient."

Dr Jean-Philippe Sanchez
in Pau

"Everyone needs to hear about an app as easy to use as Lifen. It has simplified our processes. It's a positive change for everyone at the practice, but also for our addressees."

Dr Anatole Cessot
in Neuilly-sur-Seine

"Lifen allows me to remain self-sufficient when it comes to red tape. It has definitely been a life-saving app for me."


20% of French hospitals use Lifen
every day.

Curie Institute
Strasbourg University Hospital
Nice University Hospital
Ramsay Health Care Group
Orleans University Hospital
Angers University Hospital

Delivering medical information throughout France

1 record out of 5 is sent by Lifen
in French hospitals

Case study - Eastern France

85 %
of paperless
from 0% to 85%
5 weeks
app deployment for 550 secretaries
3x lower
mailing budget
from 1 000 000 € per year to
330 000€

Pascal Roché
Health Care CEO

"We wanted to establish a partnership with Lifen in order to simplify the daily life of our community of practitioners ; and create a more cohesive care experience for patients. This investment is part of a broader digital revolution in healthcare".


No compromise on data protection

Lifen ensures compliance with the highest standards.

An in-depth audit attested to Lifen's compliance with the French Health Data Hosting standard (HDS).

Lifen is ISO27001 certified, an international standard for information systems security.

Lifen is compliant with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), which governs the exchange of health data by electronic means.

Lifen complies in all respects with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Security precautions

Product Security
Continuous monitoring
Emergency Management Policy
Encryption in transit and on storage
Access Management
Endpoint Protection
Vulnerability Management
DDoS Protection

About Lifen

An innovative e-health startup

A team of 100 including 45 in R&D

Franck Le Ouay

Co-founder & CEO

After cofounding French unicorn Criteo, a company in which he worked until its Nasdaq debut in 2013, he chose the healthcare sector as his next challenge. He is now carrying out the ambitious project to improve patient's care experiences with technology.

Philippe Douste-Blazy

Co-founder & Strategic Committee President

Former French Minister of Health & Social Affairs and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is bringing all healthcare actors together - public and private - around a common project.

William Eclancher

General Practitioner

Dr Eclancher is a family physician based in Paris. He sees web technologies as a tremendous opportunity to improve medical practices. At Lifen, he is making sure what we do every day matches the needs of doctors and patients.

Alexandre Huckert

Co-founder & Head of Product

Alex is a Silicon Valley trained entrepreneur who wants to make it easier for healthcare professionals to communicate with each other to gain in efficiency.

Dali Kilani

Chief Technical Officer

Dali is a recognized technologist who spent 12 years in fast-growing startups in America. He has set himself a challenge: raising Lifen's security levels to the highest.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder & Senior Engineer

Etienne is a serial entrepreneur. His passion for disruptive technologies brought him to Lifen, where he now supervises the way our products are built.

Marc Xavier

Head of Sales

Marc grew his talent for selling digital products while opening a new Criteo branch in Australia. He takes his pride in one thing: every single hospital that has tried Lifen has adopted it in the end.

Guillaume Laguette

Chief Marketing Officer

After spending 6 years managing brands for consumer goods, he made the switch and joined the technology world. He is now building Lifen's marketing strategy from scratch.

Our purpose

Web technologies have deeply transformed our daily lives. Yet, in the medical world, it is hard to spot the changes.

Until now, health IT has mainly disappointed doctors - and understandably so. Ease of use has often been sacrificed by software publishers faced with the tremendous constraints of the sector.

Today, it is estimated that 25% of medical procedures are redundant. Why ? Communication of medical results is not always easy between hospitals and city doctors.

Lifen accelerates the digital transformation of healthcare by creating tools to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and integrate seamlessly into their daily lives.

We work hard every day to empower physicians to have the right information at the right time, and thus make the right decisions.

This is the help we wish to bring to those who commit to their patients' wellbeing every day.

The Lifen story

2015 — An idea rises
Franck Le Ouay, former co-founder of Criteo, is looking for an idea for his next entrepreneurship adventure. He starts imagining a world in which healthcare is connected and takes up the challenge of digitizing this sector.

2016 — Lifen is born
This is the beginning of the Lifen chat, ancestor of the current Lifen app. Lifen obtains Apicrypt and MSSanté approvals, two secure messaging systems widely used by French healthcare professionals.

2017 — Lifen gets closer to "Planning de Garde"
With more than 60,000 users, "Planning de Garde" is the most widely used on-call management tool for hospital interns. Alexandre Huckert and Etienne Depaulis, the creators of this mobile app, join the journey.

2017 — The idea of the century
The team finds a trick to easily integrate into the hospitals' computer systems. This is the birth of the Lifen app as we know it today.

2018 — Lifen grows
The rocket's launched! Lifen raises 7.5M€ and is deployed in 40 major hospitals in France. An offer for private practitioners is developed. To sustain this growth, 25 new people join the team.

2019 — The acceleration
The team size doubles and Lifen raises 20M€ to feed its ambitions to provide more and more services to promote the exchange of medical information. Every day, Lifen is used by tens of thousands of doctors and medical secretaries in France.


Thibault Naline - head of partnership